9th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing


Organised by the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) and in its 9th year, COASP was a vital conference for the open access publishing community to gather to develop and advance discussions, relationships, policy and research around open access publishing. As in previous years, delegates from a wide range of backgrounds were brought together for an exciting range of panels, events, and networking opportunities. We heard from diverse perspectives on publishing from around the world, and welcomed attendees at all stages of their careers in publishing, librarianship, government, higher education, funding agencies, nonprofits, and other affiliated industries. Community and collaboration is at the heart of open access publishing, and we were excited to offer both at COASP for all those working in open access around the world.

Speakers at the conference included Jean-Claude Burgelman (European Commission), Jessica Polka (ASAPbio), Louise Page (PLOS), Robert Kiley (Wellcome Trust), Vanessa Proudman (SPARC Europe), Mikael Laakso (Hanken School of Economics), Danny Kingsley (University of Cambridge), Jean-Sébastien Caux (University of Amsterdam), Paul Peters (Hindawi), Tony Ross-Hallauer (Goettingen State and University Library), Edit Görögh (Goettingen State and University Library), Liz Allen (F1000), Anke Beck (De Gruyter), Lara Speicher (UCL Press), Jonas Gurell (Swedish Research Council), Susan Veldsman (ASSaF), Colleen Campbell (Max Planck Digital Library), David Shotton (OpenCitations), Paul Shannon (eLife), Martin Quack (ETH Zürich), Aina Svensson (Uppsala University Library), Chuck Hemenway (Copyright Clearance Center), Frances Pinter (Knowledge Unlatched), Jamie Humphrey (Royal Society of Chemistry), Liz Bal (BioMed Central and SpringerOpen), Maria Levchenko (Europe PMC), and Roman Gurinovich (Xpansa).

Panel topics were:

COASP 2017 Program Committee:

The conference was, and continues to be, discussed on social media using the hashtag #COASP9.

Enquiries regarding the conference should be directed to coasp@oaspa.org.